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Messy Feed's Fairytales presents

    ​​​​​​              ​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Messy Feed's Quick Reads

For those in search of a quick read, who

want a bit of child-like dreaminess in their

daily routine.   W hether it's just before bedtime

or for those on the go, we have you covered.

Dive into our all new collection of mini -

tales. Grave's Peak is the first title in our 

quick-read series.

There's more to come!!! Look for Black

Creek Island, this summer. 

Hi there!! My name is Hammer. I'm the family messenger : 

Grave's Peak is in the process of being updated.  A new cover and updated co author name will be on the finished work. 

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 Messy Feed's Fairytales Publishing 

16 66 Bell Blvd. Apt 735
Bayside NY 11360


Our staff 

J Deville Aka Jennifer Collado - Writer
 Carolyn Patol - Editor/Writer
    Lorenzo Patol lll - Illustrator
  (Illustrations also by Artkrieg)